Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Results of Minho's coaster giveaway event ^^

Hi all!

First of all, thank you for taking part in the giveaway. So many people participated within the short 2-hour time frame and the response was definitely greater than I had expected. Thank you for participating!! It was really difficult for me to choose just one entry as sooooo many amazing ones were submitted. I would love to give away more if I could but sadly, I only have 1 main prize (the coaster) to give away, so I can only choose one entry T__T

The winner is:

Natasya from Indonesia! *CONGRATULATIONS* ^^

She shared that her favourite video is Minho's 'Good Day' which he performed at SHINee's 5th anniversary concert. I super super love it too OMG :')


Anyway, please have a look at her winning post :)

"Hi unni! ^^ First, I want to say thanks to you for doing this giveaway. You are so nice! Well, why I love the video is basically because I really do love Minho soooo much. This year is my 3rd year as a shawol, still a new shawol but I already fall too deep to them >.< As we know, many people out there still judge Minho can't sing well and has slow development, but in this video I can see how much he tried and practiced to give us Shawols the best performance of him. I can see how sincere he sang it to Shawols, and as the title of the song 'Good Day', I always have a good day because of him from the very start I adore him. I had a problem the last 5 years and because I know SHINee, I know how hard working Minho is, I can solve every hardship I have and live to the fullest. I will continue to love SHINee and support Minho even more as long as I can. Every single time I watch this video, he always makes me smile and encourage me to do better every day just because the good day is a good day indeed :)"

As I said, it's really hard for me to pick just one T_T so................... I have also selected 2 consolation winners!!!!!! LOL XD they will also receive a little gift from me ^^

In no order of merit, they are:

1) Phuong Kim from Australia ^^
who shared Minho singing At Gwanghwamun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tges8Zcd_qw&feature=youtu.be

"I don't know if this is counted as a live performance of Ming or not xD But it really left me a huge impression. Even though it was just a short cover of Kyuhyun's At Gwanghwamun, only about 20s but I replayed it for hundreds times. SHINee is always a good live boy group, but since everyone can sing well, Minho is always forgotten. It's a sad thing because his voice is really beautiful, really warm and gentle. He just doesn't have many chances to show it. And the saddest thing is, it seems like Ming is not confident in his voice as well ㅠㅠ Because other members are all good, I think that's the reason why ㅠㅠ When I saw this video, I realized how beautiful Minho's voice is, how he felt inconfident at first, but then when he started singing, it's really beautiful. Everyone at the studio stayed in the stage and waved for him. They all encouraged him. SHINee's harmony is more of powerful and energetic style, thus Minho's voice cannot fit in well even though he did improve significantly. People seem to always forget Minho when talking about improvement since he is in charge of rapping, but Minho did improve a lot and I hope he can confidently show his voice more in the future ^^ Sorry if this is too long xD I have to admit that even though my bias is Taemin, I treasure and love Minho as much as I love Taemin. He's such a gentle man that takes care of others well. I feel warm when I see Mino :) So I hope I can get a chance of having something of him ^^ Thank you for holding this giveaway <3"

2) Rita from Indonesia ^^
who shared Minho's solo at Tokyo Dome <3

"Because I don't know why I just love the way Minho tries hard to make us smile and laugh until our tears are coming out with his outfit...song...acting like a child...dancing and the most touching moment is when he hug the little girl and at the ending when he went offstage he still teased us with his cute pose... Even when he is tired and exhausted he still tries his best to make us smile..."

It's not that I purposely chose long posts, but these were really nice in my opinion heh :')
And also, winners please send me an email with your addresses so I can post the gifts out to you.
Once again thank you so much to everyone for participating!!! And congratulations to the winners :)

Until next time ^^

Thursday, 12 March 2015

[FAN ACCOUNT] 150312: Meeting with Minho @ Prism Hall

Today felt magical. Something I couldn't ever have imagined, actually happened. Handshake session with Minho!!
I won't go into all the dreary details, so let's start from the part where I was about to actually meet him up close :')

From what I visualized, "Prism Hall" seems like a movie theatre kind of place. I had thought that we would be in a hall with a stage or something, where we went up to them at a table (like autograph session) but hell nO it was in some white canvas curtain like a tent.
I was already in the Minho row and I saw a white tent. I thought, oh.. There should be another queue inside. Maybe we have to pass this first before we see him seated at a table or something. Then, right before I entered the white tent, I was about to read my mentions to ask him a question when I heard a "konichiwa" and I suddenly realized OH MY GOD THAT IS MINHO'S VOICE. OMG HE'S JUST IN THERE? Seriously?! Before I could recover from the shock, it was my turn and a woman asked me to go inside. I was still holding onto my phone charger and my comb was in my pocket (cuz I wanted to comb my hair nicely first but) LOLOLOL. I FAILED.  Before I looked at him, the woman asked for my card in Japanese and I was like, wait what? O__O then he repeated after her in Japanese ^^ Kado.... Something something. And I was fumbling for it because it was between my phone charger and my phone (with the long wire sticking out FML). Then after he took my card with both hands, he placed it carefully into the box. I was just looking at his face the whole time. Like *o*
REALLY. I couldn't stop admiring all his features and registering them into my brain. His hair was brown and fluffy, and his face was really small. Like a little apple ^^ I know people always say "Minho has a really small face" but OH MY GOD IT REALLY IS FREAKING SMALL HAHAHAHA. Probably because he's so tall, (like super tall I forgot to mention!!) <333 so his face looks even smaller..? I don't know ^^;;
But anyway that's about his face, and also his complexion. IT'S PERFECT. I mean I could see his face had make up but beneath all the powder his skin was smooth. There weren't pimples or something :) just really really nice. 
So while being so mesmerized about his face, I ACTUALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE HANDSHAKE (which is what this whole thing is about, right? LOL) So Minho looked at me with the usual O_O eyes and a warm smile, he extended his hand but I still didn't notice (yes, slap me now). Then he looked at his hand and looked at me again, and I was like OH RIGHT. So I glanced at his hand too and stretched mine out, still looking at his gorgeous, little Bambi face ^^ <3

Oh my goodness that handshake.

I felt like everything in the tent stopped moving except for our hands. We were still looking at each other and just shook hands for about 5 seconds, exchanging a few words in between but I really didn't have time for a question T_T
His hand felt slightly warm, and really soft. Not the baby kind of soft, but just very moisturized. It was a really comfortable handshake and I felt his hand fully.
After which, the security guard said okay, please go out so I slowly let go of Minho's hand, and walked away, still looking at him (and he was also still looking at me). We were looking at each other all the way until I got to the exit curtain. Just when I thought it was all over, he suddenly said bye bye! And waved at me. So sweet :')
And I said bye bye too ^^

So... just like that! Basically a very descriptive post of what went on in the tent ;)

But what I want to specially mention here, besides Minho's crazy good looks and softest hands, is how I felt so appreciated by him throughout. I felt very comforted being in the tent with him and as I walked out, the first thought that came into my mind was

 "MINHO, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Because I am your fan, I have a lot to be grateful for."

The last moment I remember was of him looking at me and waving. He didn't turn away before I did. Not to mention the handshake, where he actually waited for me to let go first..? I mean, WOW. Gestures like these, though small,can  actually mean so much. It made me feel so warm inside :')

All in all, I just want to say that he is such a precious person, and that I felt so fortunate to meet him.

If you managed to read until the end, thanks for sharing my joy!! And please don't feel upset because I'm sure you'll have the chance to meet him some day (even though you think otherwise) because my "some day" came today :)

And on behalf of Minho, I'd like to just remind you also that he loves and cherishes you more than you imagine, and he would /definitely/ show it if he had the chance to, so with all of Minho's love, thanks for reading my post :)

Friday, 19 December 2014


Hello friends!

It's that time of the year again~ CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!! Which means..... Yet another Christmas giveaway ^^ Yay!! Don't we all just love presents!? :D 

I am always grateful for the support and lovely messages I receive on Twitter, and I would like to thank you guys for that, and for having made through another year together with SHINee! :') This year, the difference is that the giveaway is opened to all people living in Asia~ Whenever I had a giveaway in the past, many people asked why I don't open it to other countries as well..... So I thought for a while and decided to make it happen this year :)

I've been wanting to post this note up for quite a while, but I kept procrastinating. With the pictures and the post itself... Whoops >_< But anyway! I'm finally down to writing it and I shall keep things short. Moving on to the details! ^^ 

If you would like to receive a gift from me, please send an email BY 22 DECEMBER 2014 to outversity@hotmail.com with your:

1) Name
2) Twitter username
3) Bias, and how you would spend Christmas Day with him if you could (be creative!) ^^
4) Contact number
5) Address
6) Sticker preference (subject to availability)



*UPDATED* Each person will also receive one of this! Can you tell what it is?

The grand prize is Minho's birthday banner (I have one extra piece) ^^

Please only send the email if you're comfortable with me having your details. SEVEN people will be selected and the gifts will be mailed out~~~
Hope to receive your emails soon!



Thursday, 31 July 2014

Envious + Outing with Charmaine

Looking at my blog now..... It's so plain and uneventful? T___T whenever I look at other people's blogs, it's like so interesting to read. I want my blog to be like that too, but I can't? Because my life is really just one word - DULL. Haha. Other people have stuff to blog about everyday and they go out with their friends to shop and stuff..... I wanna do that too. I mean. Who doesn't? :'(

But anyway, let me just post some pics from my short outing with Charmaine yesterday ^^ We met @ 313 ~9pm? Super late. We wanted to have churros but they were sold out! >_< so we went to llao llao instead~ (on a side note, thank God we didn't get the churros cuz I just saw reviews on how lousy they are, just filled with oil and super not nice. OMG. I really should have tried them when I had my USS pass. Now it's expired and I haven't gotten a churro!? *sobs*

Okay, so llao llao! Not bad, I must say~ there's nothing special about the frozen yogurt, but I guess the topping is what differentiates it from other froyo stores? 

Both of us got "Sanum" as stated in their menu, and basically it's froyo with your choice of a sauce, a crunch (don't think too hard - basically it's something that adds crunch in your yogurt, like nuts or cereal bits~)  and 3 fruit toppings. All this for $6.90.

Mine's on the right! For the sauce, I chose "Raefella" (or something I forgot how to spell it) which is a white chocolate coconut sauce. Interesting right!!! :D the others are like, strawberry sauce and chocolate sauce which seemed all too normal~ and for the crunch, I got the Almond something (chopped almonds with sugar bits! Yum!). Just to add, there are other sorts of 'crunch' such as caramelized sunflower seeds, as well as muesli with chocolate pieces that look interesting too :) then fruits~ I shan't bother. Just the typical ones like kiwi, mango, strawberry, blueberry, etc.

But overall mine was quite a special mix - something out of the ordinary (esp with the almond thing and the exotic sauce). I really recommend it!

Then after that, I was looking for something savoury so we decided to eat cheeken!! (Who cares if it's 10pm already :P) and we got Popeyes cuz it was probably the only shop still open~ I ordered 3pcs but guess what, to my pleasant surprise there were 4 inside! HAHAHAHA CHEAP THRILLS!!

   Super good! I just LOVE cheeken <3

Okay so anyway, we had a lot of fun eating and laughing until about 11pm, then went home. Short but fun 2 hours! 
Also, it's 2am now. Shit!! Off to get some rest now, until next time! 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

"If you are happy every day, you wouldn't understand the true meaning of happiness because it would be taken for granted."


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Outing with Joanna and Yang Lin ^^

It's 4am now and idk why the heck I can't get to bed. Ok wait, the truth is I am sitting here now, doing differentiation questions FML. Anyway, this post has come a little late but I went for lunch/dinner with the two ladies mentioned above on 19 Mar. We went for ramen @ Ippudo. Mine was good!! Joanna said hers tasted normally and basically Yanglin's looked like lor mee LOLOLOL. Here's mine!! It was great, but I guess I'll go for the 'hard' noodle next time cuz 'medium' was still a bit soft for me~ loads of stuff inside. Bamboo shoot, half cooked egg, 2 kinds of pork, cabbage, and the red stuff there is miso paste, not chilli. Phew ^^

And so we sat there and chatted A LOT. At first it was a little difficult for me to open up, so I just listened to the two of them talk. But Joanna is really super high woman, laughing and talking non-stop ahhahaha so amazing XDDD while we were yakking away, the staff @ Ippudo literally SHOUT the welcome to their customers and they were extremely loud. By the time the 4th group of customers came, we were quite pissed because our "highly important convo" was getting quite disrupted and so we decided to leave~

We went over to 313 to look for Xing Hua to pick up Joanna's cards or something idk, and we also walked to a few shops to look at clothings and caps for 爱豆s ^^ but sadly we bought nothing in the end T___T

And after which, we were still not done talking and the two ladies were craving for cake so after thinking for so long, we went to Paris Baguette @ Wisma. It was quite funny cuz Yanglin works there already. And we spent another 10 minutes deciding on which 3 cakes to order for sharing, and also 2 drinks 

Cheescake with Strawberries. Not bad~
The white one is cream cheese cheesecake I think...? A mixture of sweet and salty, something different.

Idk what this one's called but I think it had a mango taste? Can't remember. 

Our drinks!! Mango Latte and Strawberry Banana~~ mine was the strawberry one but Joanna didn't like the milk taste so we swapped~ but I love Mango Latte so I was happy \^o^/ sorry it looks disgusting in the picture - already half a cup gone orz

So we just continued sitting at PB and talking and laughing and taking selfies until it was 10PM. Oh my gad. I didn't even realise!? Time sure flies when we're having fun T____T So yeah, that's how it went.

Tbh I never thought I'd be able to make any friends in the fandom. Since it's my personality that I'm very particular about who I wanna be friends with (I don't know why I'm like that either, but it might be accredited to my insecurities. I want to make sure that the people whom I consider my friends are genuine ones who won't hurt me, and they must be ones I can trust and open up to easily, which is quite a feat for Pisces.)
So yeah, I'm really thankful to have known them. In these 5-6 years of being SHINee's fan, it might shock others to hear that both of them are the only ones I feel I can trust. Like not only in SHINee terms but in anything, and they'll be friends I'll treasure for a very long time :)

Can't wait for our next outing in May - squid ink pasta!! That one's gonna be hella funny HAHAHAHAHAHA. Back to differentiation now~~ bye ^^

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Just finished my lunch of fried chicken. I called for delivery today - which is something I barely do because of the crazy after feeling I get each time. I kinda feel really guilty when the delivery guys send food over to my house. It's like, just them on a motorcycle delivering food all the way to my doorstep, and whizzing off for yet another delivery duty. I feel even worse when their attitude is good. Like the one I met today, he should totally be in the proper service line (like working at Universal Studios) instead of riding on a motorbike. This guy was full of smiles and very friendly too - totally made my day. On the contrary, those who are expected to provide good service can't live up to it. For example, the staff at USS. Quite a few of them give me the feeling that they can't wait to get off work. I'm not the only one who has noticed this. When my friends went on several separate occasions, they also mentioned the poor working attitude over there. And I think this really needs to change /rolls eyes. 

Anyway, the issue at hand here is: Do delivery guys deserve better? It's such a tough job for the amount of money they get for each delivery. And the risks are high too! Moreover, when it rains, oh my word I really C A N N O T bring myself to order delivery. The guilt might just take away my appetite and kill me. Many times, people don't appreciate the service these guys provide, and don't understand the amount of danger they are in. Do you have any idea how many of them get into accidents each year, just because they're delivering food to us? And instead of showing some concern and understanding, people are the best at complaining "WHY MY FOOD TAKE SO LONG?"

Really, nothing more to say but I do hope this post opens up perspectives for people to think a bit about the plight of these guys doing delivery service before they open their mouths to complain.